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What is AI Copywriting?

Today, a brand’s digital presence is its window to the world. As such, it plays an increasingly important role in how potential customers see your brand. With the right AI copywriting software, you can save a lot of time on your company’s blog and website content as well as other social media posts. This article explores what AI copywriting is and answers your burning questions about AI copywriting.

What Is Artificial Intelligence in Writing?

So, what is AI copywriting? AI in writing refers to computer generated content that is meant to imitate human language. AI copywriting tools, in turn, allow businesses to quickly create and publish content without hiring professional copywriters. 

AI writing tools use natural language processing algorithms like GPT-3, and they have the ability to train themselves to become better at writing over time. 

In short, AI-based writing tools mimic human writing by using data and algorithms. They don’t, however, mimic human emotion. This is why AI is best used as a tool to speed up content creation rather than replace it altogether.

Why Use AI Copywriting Tools?

AI powered copywriting can significantly speed up content creation and improve the quality of your brand’s written content. Automation can be particularly useful if your brand’s marketing team is small. 

AI copywriting tools can also handle repetitive tasks like blog posts, newsletters and social media posts. This leaves your marketing team with the time they need to focus on creating high quality content. With an AI tool, you can also generate content that is more accurate and relevant to your brand.

How Does AI Copywriting Work?

AI copywriting tools rely on machine-learning algorithms to create content. While a computer won’t be able to create emotional pieces of writing, it can write content that is creative and targeted to your audience. 

The tools use your input to generate blog posts and social media content. The software can also uses keywords generate blog posts around these keywords. You can also select software that has SEO integration to generate content that will rank highly within search engines.

Is AI Copywriting Worth It?

Yes, AI copywriting is definitely worth it for businesses that want to speed up content creation and improve the quality of their brand’s written content. This can be particularly useful if your brand’s marketing team is small.

The AI tools can also handle repetitive tasks like blog posts, newsletters and captions for social media. This leaves your marketing team with the time they need to focus on creating high quality content. With an AI tool, you can also generate content that is more accurate and relevant to your brand.

Benefits of AI Writing Software

  • Content Creation – AI tools can generate hundreds of words in content quickly and easily. This means that even a small brand’s marketing team can create a significant amount of content each month. 
  • Increased ROI – AI tools can create content for marketing posts, website copy, product descriptions, blog posts and more. This means you can boost your online presence with just one tool.
  • Huge Time Savings – AI tools can significantly reduce the time spent creating content. This leaves your team with more time to focus on other marketing initiatives. 
  • Search Engine Optimization Integration – Customers want content that is relevant to their needs. AI tools can create content based on keywords that customers are searching for. 
  • Increased Sales – AI tools can create content that produces product descriptions that attract and converts your leads into customers.

How to Choose an AI Copywriting Tool

  • Scalability – Some AI tools are designed to create short form content. Other tools, however, can produce huge amounts of content. Make sure you select a tool that is scalable for the amount of content you need. 
  • Use Cases – Different AI tools have different key features and functionalities. For example, some tools are great at generating content for e-commerce, while others are great for articles. Pick one that fits your use case best.
  • Customer Service – Online businesses are increasingly reliant on AI tools. If something goes wrong with one of these tools, however, it can create major headaches for your team. – Look for brands with strong support teams and active communities. This will make it easier to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • User Friendliness –  The best AI copywriting tools are designed to be used by people with no technical experience. Make sure the tool you select has a user-friendly interface.
  • Budget – AI copywriting tools can range in price depending on the amount of content generated and which software you choose. Do select a tool that fits within your budget

Limitations of Current AI Writing Software

  • Doesn’t Fact Check – Research still needs to be done for articles you write. Think of it as a tool to help you speed up the process, not to replace human writers completely.
  • Lack of Human Emotion – AI tools are best at creating accurate and relevant content. They aren’t, however, very good at creating emotional content like lifestyle posts.

Best AI Copywriting Tools

Here are my 3 top picks for the best AI copywriting tools available today

Jasper AI – Best Overall 

jasper ai

Jasper AI is my top pick for the best copywriting software available today. With 50+ templates, automated workflows, the ability to write long form blog posts and choose from different tone of voices, this software packs a huge punch in terms of features and functionalities. 

Copysmith – Best for Marketing Agencies


If you’re in a marketing agency, you can look at Copysmith for your AI copywriting needs. This Ai powered tool is able to generate creative content for landing pages and product descriptions at a click of a button, and is also able to keep your target audience in mind to match your client’s brand voice. 

Writesonic – Best Value for Money

writesonic logo

Writesonic recently caught my eye as a excellent Jasper Ai alternative. It has many similar templates, but it comes with a better price tag. You can read my full comparison in this Writesonic vs Jasper Ai article. 

Can AI Copywriting Replace a Human Copywriter?

AI copywriting tools can generate large quantities of accurate and relevant content. They can also help you save time and money on your content marketing efforts. However, AI copywriting tools cannot replace a human copywriter. Human copywriters bring creativity, emotion and personality to their writing. 

Wrapping Up

AI-based writing tools are a great way to speed up the content creation process. They also create more accurate and relevant content than humans alone ever could. That being said, don’t expect AI writing tools to solve all of your marketing challenges. They are best used as a tool to help your marketing team create more content in a much shorter time.

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