Hi, I’m Chloe

I love shopping, trying new experiences and sharing about new technology that can help make life easier. Working in the tech industry throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand how technology helps make work more productive and efficient. I also love writing, which is why I started this blog.

Why Read this Blog?

In this blog, I research and write my honest opinions to help you make informed decisions about what products, software, and technology to buy. I provide detailed reviews, best lists, alternative choices, and comparison reviews. My goal is to help people understand their options when making purchases in order to save time and money!

You know that feeling when you buy something and days later start thinking, “Oh no, I think I should have bought the other one instead?” One thing that I dislike feeling is buyer’s regret and feeling stuck with a product that’s not right for my needs. I believe that providing relevant information will help you as a buyer decide better what works best for you.

There’s the other feeling I love. Buying a product and feeling 100% satisfied and happy with your choice afterwards. And I want to share options and comparisons for you to be able to decide.

A Little about Me

As a child, I was a really shy girl. During my primary school days, I was the student that wished the teacher didn’t call my name to answer any questions. So it kind of surprised me that when I grew up, I would end up doing sales and actually really enjoy it. I have been doing sales for a little over 9 years now.

Currently, I’m working as a Channel Account Manager for a technology firm. My expertise is in helping businesses grow revenue with leverage through recruiting and growing channel partners. Being in sales has allowed me to meet people from all walks of life, learn from different experiences and challenges and it’s a truly fruitful career.

My Journey In Personal Development

There’s another thing that played a crucial role in shaping my life – my love for reading.

There was a period of time where I struggled with self-doubt and was constantly questioning myself. During that time, I picked up a book by Tony Robbins called “Awaken the Giant Within” and I credit that book to helping me change my mindset.

Can you imagine finding the courage to walk on burning hot coals? I didn’t, until I did it!

I attended a live event by the same author. It was a full four day event on personal development and one part of that event involved walking on fire (yes, literally). Well, that (not just the Firewalk, the course) really helped me in overcoming some limiting beliefs I had and improved the quality of my life.

At that event, I met a community of friends who believe in a growth mindset and thus begun my journey in lifelong learning and becoming the best version of myself.

Other hobbies & interests

I’m staying in Singapore, where I enjoy summer all year long! 

I love nature, animals (especially dogs) and long walks by the beach. I also love long talks and meaningful conversations. Music always lifts my mood and I particularly enjoy genres like pop, acoustic, lofi. 🎶

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you enjoy the articles written here!

Interested to collaborate or work with me? Drop me an email at owner@chloeteo.com!