Should You Buy Placeit? Best Instant Mockup Generator Review 2022

Today I’ll be reviewing Placeit – A software designed to create high quality marketing materials for individuals or companies with tools that are ridiculously easy to use.

We’ll discuss who Placeit is suitable for, key features for the product, quick tutorials and pros & cons to help you decide if Placeit is the product for you.

Disclosure : I may receive affiliate compensation for links posted here, at no cost to you if you decide to purchase something. All opinions expressed here are my own.

What is Placeit?

Main View of Website

Placeit is a one stop solution for mockups, logos, design templates and animated videos. It has a library of over 79,000 templates so you can create amazing marketing materials for your social account in seconds. What I love most about it is the extensive number of templates it has for apparel.

In addition, all of the designs include commercial license, so with any purchase you acquire the right to use your designs on any platform you choose for commercial, marketing or advertising purposes. You can print the design you create on physical items like T-shirts and sell them as well!

Placeit is under the company Envato, the digital marketplace that sells creative assets for designers.

Who is Placeit for?

Placeit is for anyone that wants to create professional designs for their website, social media account or Twitch stream. It is especially suitable for soloprenuers or small business owners that do not have a in-house designer to create marketing materials.

If you are looking to start your own T-shirt brand, they have more than 11,000 templates that you can customise to create your own design!

Want to have a professional product shot without hiring a model and photographer? Simply use Placeit’s mockup generator, upload your T-shirt image, and you get your design on a professional shot in an instant!

Placeit Key’s Features

1. Instant Mockups Generator

What is a mockup generator? A mockup is a full size model of a design to show your customer how your product looks like in real life. The mockup generator allows you to simply upload your design to their template. They have both model shots and product shots.

Apparel Mockups Generator

Placeit has the largest number of Apparel Mockups templates available. Just to give you an idea of how many different types of templates they have:

  • Crewneck Sweatshirts
  • Hoodie Pullovers
  • T-shirts
  • Sports Bra/Activewear
  • Sports Jerseys

How to Use Placeit’s Mockup Generator

Let me give you a short tutorial of how the Apparel Mockup Generator works.

Step 1: Select your preferred template

In this example, I have selected a back view mockup of a woman wearing a hoodie.

Placeit Instant T-shirt Mockup Generator
Placeit Instant T-shirt Mockup Generator

Step 2: Add text to your photo, choose photo background colour

You can add text to your photo, and use the drag and drop editor to position it.

Step 3 : Upload your design

Upload your design to be placed inside the template.

Step 4: Upload your logo

You can upload your brand logo to the image too, if you like.

Step 5 : Select your apparel colour

I’ve selected white here, but you can select any colour or even input a colour hex code.

Step 6 : Download and Complete

My completed model shot of a hoodie – which I created using Placeit’s Instant Mockup Generator!

You’re done! You just saved a ton of time and money using the Instant Mockup Generator with this product shot.

You can choose to buy a single mockup purchase which costs $7.95.

However, I think it makes way more sense to get the unlimited subscription for $14.95/month or annual plan at $89.69/year (works out to be $7.47/month) because it provides a ton more value.

Placeit Mockup Purchase Price Comparison
Instant Mockup Purchase Price Comparison

Digital Mockups Generator

Have an app you would like to promote? Placeit also has digital mockups for phones, tablets, and even smartwatches! They also have gradient backgrounds for close up product shots to give that fresh vibe in your social media.

Placeit Digital Mockup Generator
Placeit Digital Mockup Generator

Another interesting feature is app mockup videos. Make your app or software standout with a short 10 seconds video on a wide variety of smart devices like an iPhone, IMac or MacBook Pro.

Print Mockups Generator

Placeit Magazine Mockup

Are you a marketing or branding agency? Showcase your designs using the mockups provided by Placeit. They have mockups available for books, business cards, flyers, magazines, packaging, posters, and stationery.

PrintonDemand Mockups Generator

Are you in the PrintonDemand business? Customers often want to see samples of the kind of products your company is able to print on. Placeit has a wide variety of mockups for printondemand, including bags, coffee mugs, phone cases and phone grips.

Promotional Mockups Generator

They also have a wide variety of promotional mockups. You can find mockups for banners, facebook ads, signs and even billboards here.

2. Design Templates

Looking for design templates? With their library of design templates, you can create T-shirts, Youtube banners and social media designs in seconds!

T-shirt Design Templates

Placeit boasts an extensive 11,000+ and counting design templates for T-shirts. If you are looking to start your own ecommerce fashion store, you can use their T-shirt design templates to create trendy designs!

How to Use Placeit’s Design Templates

Placeit T-shirt Design Template

Step 1 : Select your favourite template

I’ve selected this adorable anime design, with a media player template.

Step 2 : Customise your text and favourite font

Choose your preferred font (they have thousands of font types, including Japanese language support), customise wording and colour. The drag and drop editor allows you to position the text anywhere you like in the image.

Step 3 : Add your brand logo (Optional)

If you want, you can add in your brand logo in your design template.

Step 4 : Customise colour elements of the design, including background and accents

You can choose to change the colour elements of the design as well and input your preferred colour hex code.

Step 5 : Save and done!

My finished T-shirt design, ready to print!

It’s that simple, you have a cool new T-shirt design ready to print, in minutes! I just completed mine, I think this design would look great on a black T-shirt.

Pricing for single T-shirt design template vs getting the unlimited subscription

This design can be purchased for $2.95, which is affordable for a single image. You will also be able to use the image commercially under Placeit’s licensing terms.

Alternatively, if you like many of their templates, you can opt for the unlimited subscription which is $14.95/month, or the annual plan which costs only $89.69/year ($7.47 per month).

Gaming Templates

Have your own gaming channel? Becoming a Twitch streamer is a high income skill that can allow you to earn six figures or more. Placeit has design templates for Twitch banners and panel makers. There are also more than a thousand YouTube templates you can easily utilise to create professional looking designs for your channel!

Podcast Templates

A customised design template for a podcast show on dogs 🐶

Looking to start a podcast? Choose from many available fun and colourful designs and make your podcast standout!

Social Media Templates

If you are looking for design templates for your social media, you can use Placeit’s library of templates which includes different categories like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. They even have templates for Fiverr, Patreon, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Etsy (lesser number of templates, but it’s still available).

3. Logo Maker

Just started your own business? You can use Placeit’s logo maker to create a professional looking logo as well. They have logos for different industries, including finance, healthcare, fashion, lifestyle & fitness and restaurants.

How to Use Placeit’s Logo Maker

Step 1 : Type your business name in the search bar and select your preferred industry

I selected Ice Cold Beers as my business name, and selected Bar logo types.

Placeit Logo Maker Generator
AI software generated above logos based on my search query

Step 2 : Select your preferred template

I’ve selected the one on the top left as my preferred template.

Step 3 : Choose from Placeit graphic logos or upload an image if preferred

I changed the main image to a beer mug with foam.

Step 4 : Select and customise font type, background and accent colours

I customised the colours of my main image and also changed the background according to my preference.

Step 5 : Download and complete

And I’m done with my new company logo using Placeit’s Logo Maker!

Placeit Logo Maker Editor
Really liking this design for my Ice Cold Beers Bar that I made in 3 minutes!

Pricing for single logo vs getting the unlimited subscription

Price for getting a single logo is $39.95, while getting the unlimited subscription is only $14.95/month, and there is no lock in period. The unlimited subscription is definitely the obvious choice here.

4. Video Maker

Looking to easily create a video to promote your brand? Check out the video maker section for T-shirt video mockups and gaming intro video templates you can use!

5. Gaming

Twitch Banners available for gamers & streamers

Placeit is a great choice for gamers as they have many templates to help promote your gaming brand.

You can start off by creating an animated logo, and use their Twitch templates to create the vibe you want for your brand. They have Twitch banners, overlays and panels as well.

Already built an audience? Create your own gaming merchandise using their gaming t-shirt templates!

Placeit Pros

Placeit is a suitable choice for users with little to no design experience, as it is easy to learn how to use the software to create professional designs for your business.

Given the wide range of T-shirt templates and mockups they have, it is also very suitable for someone looking to start a T-shirt business. If you’re a streamer, it is also a good choice to help you build your image and branding.

Placeit Cons

Placeit may also not be suitable for those who are already used to more advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The edits available in the templates can be limited.

Placeit Pricing Plans

Placeit has two main subscription plans. A monthly plan for $14.95/month and an annual plan for $89.69/year (works out to be $7.47/month).

Final Thoughts

Placeit is an excellent choice for a startup business looking for a one stop solution.

I especially love how easy it is to use, there is almost no training required. Imagine the amount of time and money to create a professional photoshoot for your product, from finding a model, a photographer, to getting a photoshoot location and lighting – all that adds up to a substantial cost. But with Placeit, all that can be done in minutes.

Be it mockups, business cards, company logos, intro videos and design templates – Placeit has all the resources you need to make your marketing look professional, at a very affordable subscription fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Placeit Free?

Placeit has a free account which gives you access to freebie templates. However, do take note it will come with Placeit’s watermark.

Can you sell the designs you create with Placeit?

Yes, you can! Placeit’s license terms gives you the right to use your design on any platforms. You are also allowed to put the finalised design on any product (like T-shirts) and sell it.

What format are the files in?

Mockups, design templates, social media posts and logos are in PNG format. Videos are in MP4 format.

What other Mockup Generators are available?

There are SmartMockups, MediaModifier and However, Placeit offers additional features with its subscription, and it also has the largest variety of mockups available in the market currently.

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